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Casio EX-F1 Captures Battlebot Devastation In Super Slow-Mo

Our friend Robert Woodhead is at it again: He took his battlin' bot Totally Offensive—and his trusty Casio Exilim EX-F1—to Carolina Combat Robots for some "test procedures" in preparation for the RoboGames in San Francisco June 13-15. End result: Mayhem ensuing at 300 frames per second, with some sparks flying, some parts flying and some fax machines and other stand-in electronics getting shizammed to oblivion. Grab a sandwich and press play, cuz you'll probably watch this four-minute fest of cyberviolence a few times. And remember, this was only a test! Thanks again, Robert! [Robert Woodhead]


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Awesome! Now, THAT video completely made up for the "wave of camera flashes" video above that completely didn't contain a wave of camera flashes.