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Alien Video Uncovered: Real or Fake?

As you probably know, some guy claimed he had definitive proof of the existence of aliens. Apparently, this video is that proof. Proof that aliens exist (and that they are just a bunch of perverted Peeping Toms.) I mean, they haven't returned our calls yet, and someone actually thinks they are snooping through our home windows on foot? Do you think this is real or more fake than alien sex doll? [Thanks Brent]


Update: Here's the official still image alien picture. Btw, if you couldn't tell, this whole thing is a joke. It's not the video that was shown off as the real deal alien.

Illustration for article titled Alien Video Uncovered: Real or Fake?

[Rocky Mountain]

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Really? REALLY? Epic fail. Any idiot can see its a fake. Some 'expert' tool actually said if it were a puppet it would have cost 50 grand to create such an elaborate animatronic. there's nothing elaborate about it. Hell, you can just about see the person behind it. Check the light just above the things head. It disappears before the head actually pops up in front of it. Basic black masked puppeteer, I says, and a very attention starved, lonley man.

Or a jack ass looking to drum up cheap publicity for his 'documentary'.