Turn Your iPhone Into a WiFi Router Without Jailbreaking

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It may not always be the most reliable, but that iPhone in your pocket is a viable internet connection, anywhere you go. So use it! The Nexaira BC2 will turn the thing into a full wireless router, no jailbreaking required.

The $190 BC2 is a full-fledged 802.11 B/G/N router—just stick your tethering-enable iPhone into it via USB, and you'll have up to 200 feet of wireless coverage for all the rest of your devices. It won't replace your home connection—3G data only, of course—but if the cable's ever out, or you find yourself traveling, the thing could be handy in a pinch. [3Gstore]

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Ok, I don't know if it had been posted in the comments previously below, but after reading the product details and review in detail, here's the important stuff:

1. You still need tethering feature added to your iPhone plan. For AT&T users, this will cost you an additional $20 a month, and force you to relinquish any grandfathered unlimited data plan.

2. If you've tried USB tethering before, you'll realize that your notebook is the only device that gets the internet from your tethered iPhone. This router duplicates that functionality, but then adds a Wi-Fi router feature for other nearby devices to gain internet access as well.

While the title of the article is technically correct, it's not going to help most of the iPhone users who 1. don't want to pay up to an additional $20 a month, 2. relinquish an unlimited data plan, and 3. don't want to jailbreak.