Burger King Employees Fired For Printing 'F— You' On Customer's Receipt

Illustration for article titled Burger King Employees Fired For Printing 'F— You' On Customer's Receipt

And here I thought Burger King was the classy fast food establishment! Oh wait that's Wendy's. Anywho, two California Burger King employees were fired for printing "FUCK YOU" on a customer's receipt. Watch local reporters take the matter very seriously.


First: who knew these fast food dudes could print whatever they wanted on receipts in the first place? Why haven't we heard more about this? Forget spitting on burgers—what's the fun of drive-thru mischief if there's like zero chance your victim ever finds out about it?—I'd be printing zingers on receipts left and right. But I digress!

This report seems a little silly, no? Like the idea that this fellow would sue the King over this shenanigan? What are his supposed damages? He seems a little too smug about the whole thing anyway. [KCRA]


Nothing to See Here!

I hate Burger King. Fucking assholes they are. I ordered a drink (With my food), the guy didn't give me a receipt, so I asked him where my drink was, and he said "Oh, you never ordered one". How do I know he was bullshitting, taking me for a fool and that he took my money? Because, he didn't give me the receipt. Of course he put it on the bill. Stupid asshole. I hate Burger King, I only like McDonald's.

At McDonald's, they gave me the wrong milkshake! I drink half of it, then tell them I asked for Chocolate not strawberry. They just straight away pour me a new one, free of charge. I got half a milkshake free!

I'd laugh so hard if the customer who got the bad receipt didn't say anything but "HII MOMM!"