65 Foot Skyscraper Constructed in Rockefeller Center Using Erector Set Pieces

Illustration for article titled 65 Foot Skyscraper Constructed in Rockefeller Center Using Erector Set Pieces

Over the last year, artist Chris Burden and his assistants have been painstakingly constructing a gigantic 16,000 pound, 65 foot skyscraper using replicated stainless steel Erector set pieces. The work, entitled "What My Dad Gave Me" was inspired by the tall buildings in Manhattan-which is why the piece was carted from Los Angeles and recently installed smack dab in the middle of Rockefeller Center.

Burden's fascination with engineering and architecture began early on and believes that Erector sets and similar toys are "the tools we use to inculcate children into how to be adults." He also noted that a child could have built his creation, theoretically, if given enough time and parts. Still, the work is impressive (although it is no 100 foot Lego tower). If you would like to check it out in person, the exhibit is officially slated to open today as part of Rockefeller Center's program of monumental outdoor exhibitions and it will be on display there until July 19th. [NYT]

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@Monty: I dunno, Rockefeller Center was already tainted by a Japanese designer who made a special edition design for Louis Vuitton.

If anyone remembers, there were two humongous spheres with the eyespot design hovering over the ice skating rink in front of the tower. What most people DIDN'T see, and what no one found out about until it was too late, was that the two spheres were deliberately positioned to make a giant phallic symbol. LOL