Video of the Samsung Omnia i900 UI in Action

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If you were thinking about picking up the new Samsung Omnia SGI-1900 with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, a little video demonstration of the touchscreen UI could go a long way in helping you arrive at a decision. All-in-all things look great, just don't be surprised if you fall asleep watching the following video. Not because the UI is boring mind you, but the music has that single mom reunited with her child Oxygen movie of the week vibe to it.

[PPCSG via Slashphone]

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It seems better than I expected but, it is definitely slow when compared to a certain similar device. The navigation app took almost 15 seconds to open, and the touch controls don't seem to be as responsive as some other touch screen devices. Although the UI was more intuitive than I expected, the overall look and feel of the interface is clunky.