Walt Mossberg Reviews GoGo In-Flight Wi-Fi (Verdict: Fast, But Not Fast Enough)

Walt just tested GoGo, the in-flight Wi-Fi service, on a bunch of laptops and smartphones during a flight from San Francisco to Denver. The service distributes, via Wi-Fi, a high speed cellphone data signal pointed at airplanes, which Mossy rated at around 600kbps down and 250kbps up. This was quick enough for Walt to browse the web, send emails with iPhone rumor attachments, and talk on IM to his ladies, but it couldn't keep up with streaming video on Xtube Hulu. Also, VoIP is blocked, and cell calls aren't possible either. Still, Mossy thought it did well enough for someone who can't stay off the grid for a few hours. GoGo costs $10 for flights under three hours, and $13 for longer ones. It'll begin rolling out in the next few weeks on American Airlines, with Virgin soon to follow. [AllThingsD]


Yes, I am that a-hole burdened with setting a budget for all technical and telecommunications expenses at the hell-hole I call my job. Maybe I should not be concerned about an extra twenty six buck expenditure for every employee traveling on a golf tri, er, I mean "business". Given the speed, using Citrix (terminal services) would not work, so the staff that will be putting this on their expense report would be hard-pressed to find a business need to browse for porn - but that will not stop them.

Oh well. I guess I need to grab a bottle of vodka and relax in the boiler room for a while.