Incredibly Weird Global Teledildonics

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Dash over at Fleshbot's got a very interesting look at Ars Elektronika in SF, where inventors and teledildonics fanatics gather together to show off the weird, gadgety and sexy things they made in their sex dungeons. One invention is a vibrator that's connected to the U.S. Geological Survey which only activates during an earthquake somewhere in the world. "Only trouble is that when your own "Big One" finally arrives, it's tempered by the realization that a building might have collapsed somewhere with people trapped inside." It gets better. Another is tied to how many Iraqi civilian deaths there are a day which you can read about over at Fleshers (NSFW). [Fleshbot]



How about one that goes off when the Overlords finally descend upon us.

And her eyes softened as the frequency increased, and presently she turned her back upon the dwindling sun.