Lego Employees Have Minifigs as Business Cards (and a Great Sense of Humor)

One little piece of trivia that I learned on my trip to the Lego homebase: the employee's business cards are Lego mini-figs, modeled after them. Another little fact: As you can see at the end of the video, all of them have a great sense of humor.


Perhaps the sense of humor is a requirement to work there. Or maybe a consequence of the amazingly fun and light atmosphere that I found everywhere around the company. Personally, I think they put some kind of happy-clappy drug in the food—more on that later—because everyone seems to be smiling and having fun while working, even the people checking the bots at the factory.

And for the people who didn't get the reference at the end of the clip, watch this:

Again please! [Giz's Lego Trip]

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@zsleek7: Lego is the toy that can be anything. If you were in the mood for a spaceship, Lego would happily oblige. If you wanted a jet, a car, a robot, a movie diorama, a miniature city, Lego would never falter. It IS the ultimate toy.