Video: Teen Brutally Beats Bus Passenger for iPhone

As reported from an NBC affiliate, this surveillance video (from May 21st) has just been released that depicts a particularly vicious attack on a Columbus, OH, bus-all to acquire an iPhone. A hooded teen lunges at a man who was wearing headphones on his way off the bus. No one did anything to stop the attack (not that you can blame a woman with child for not stepping in). Surprisingly, despite sustaining injury from blows to the face and body, the passenger did not lose his iPhone. Anyone with info on the teen is asked to call 614-645-8477. [WCMH via Macblogz]


@ps61318: Huh? What's already legal in Ohio? ... being a bash-you-in-the-head-and-steal-your-iPhone-douchebag? That explains why nobody did anything, I guess. The two words I used were specifically meant to be ambiguous, and you missed the third, fourth, and fifth possibilities, so let me hand them to you.

3) Someone else on the bus could have been carring a weapon of some kind, ideally a pistol because a pistol registers as a greater threat and does so at a greater distance.

4) Carrying a concealed weapon does not mean that the weapon has to be a gun — taser, kubotan, pointy stick (pencil or pen) are all other possiblities. Dare I say fist?

5) How 'bout carrying one's iPhone in a concealed manner? How about not using those white earbuds?

Regardless, there's this assumption that if you carry a weapon -=any weapon=- that you're out to kill. This is a false premise. The threat of death, or even an increase in its likelihood, is a pretty good motivator for someone to change their behavior. The threat of a good ol' beating is just as good.

Whether you threaten with death or serious injury or a black eye, just threatening with your pissed-off presence is enough to change the dynamic of a violent situation. I'm 5'10'', 210, and I can pick up and throw most people my size.

Hypothetically, if I saw you beating some dude for an iPhone, and I get up and move at you with pissed-off purpose, you're going to acknowledge me and I'm going to force you to acknowledge me. This makes it a 2-on-1 situation and most people will run from that.

Ultimately, having the aggressor or the victim run away is the best outcome, and a 2-on-1 lets that happen. Besides, if you're the guy that comes to help the victim, the aggressor is already tired and the work will be easier. You can't be afraid of getting hurt, though. The victim wasn't, in this case.