Rock Band 2 Announced, Sets Hardware and Software Precedents

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Any fans of Rock Band in the audience? I said, ARE THERE ANY FANS OF ROCK BAND IN THE AUDIENCE??? YEAAHHH!!!!!!! Rock Band 2 is on the way. Here are the full details, along with a picture of the new guitar.

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1, Better Hardware

According to Harmonix: "Quieter, more realistic, and more reliable instruments"

2. Third Party Hardware

"We're also actively welcoming new peripheral makers to make instruments for our game. Just like real instruments, we want players to be able to choose what instruments they use..."

3. Backwards Compatibility

Songs you purchased for RB1 will work for RB2. Future RB songs will work for both games.

4. More Meaning

"We have several new modes that not only provide new ways for you to experience your music library, but also new ways for you to transition from Expert to real instruments.

Jason Chen and I will bring you more when the game is more officially unveiled at E3 in July. Until then, who out there is kicking themselves for buying the "Louder, less realistic and less reliable instruments?" [IGN via Kotaku]




Not in my limited experience. I know a garage band drummer here at work in a punk band (pretty good actually) and he loves RockBand and is planning on getting RB2 AND GH4 (that will be THREE drumsets in his gaming room, heh, and one in his garage).

I also know two VERY good guitar players (one bass, one lead) who just play for fun and both of them have enjoyed the GH/RB style games. One is the person who turned me onto the series and could play some of the harder GH1 songs with his back to the screen on expert and get high 90% accuracy.

The other guitarist was new to the game at our last gaming get together and he took a lot of time to pick it up. Part of the problem was that this was pre RockBand so the crappy clicky GH strumbar was his problem. He would pluck it like a real string and it would register down, then spring up and register an upstrum, messing him up. It was hard to get him to keep his thumb on the strumbar since that is a pretty alien concept and would mute a real guitar. Once he got past that, he had a lot of fun, but was no faster picking it up than your average joe. Songs that he knew how to play on a real guitar were harder for him because he would anticipate the next logical note and often the game would not agree.

What bothers me most about RB2 is that we will have to disc swap to play the on-disc RB1 content. No way to really get that content off the disc without opening up mass piracy and basically giving it away. Anything that would let a legit owner get that music on the hard drive would let anyone borrow a friends disc as well, or just rent the game, or buy-return.

It would be GREAT if all the RB1 songs plus an equal or greater amount of unique RB2 songs were on the disc, but I doubt that will happen. Would be back to giving away the RB1 content.

I really don't like disc swapping. It just kills the party.