TI Builds Pico Projector Into BlackBerry Curve

Texas Instruments has expressed its intention to build its LED Pico tech into mobile devices before, but this is the first well-implemented example to be properly demonstrated. Crunchgear got a brief go on the Frankenberry, and it looks like it works just fine. While the small clip doesn't totally assuage our fears that such a system will produce poor images, the respectable projection size and apparent brightness are both promising for such an early prototype. [Crunchgear]

UPDATE: As reader have pointed out, this is not a functioning Blackberry, rather a Pico projector built into a Blackberry shell.


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I doubt that these will ever catch on for mobile devices. However, i could see them being very useful for small screens. Assuming they get the luminosity/contrast up high enough to be useful of course.

After all, if I wanted a couple screens on my wall to display pictures I think I'd be tempted to install a couple of these on the light track instead of a large mounted screen.

Same goes for secondary screens at a work station. When you need a couple other windows to track process or display some secondary information just unfold a pair of these. Or for a fixed display onto a tabletop. If I wanted something in the kitchen to display recipes and messages or whatever I'd rather have one of these projecting onto the counter than an embedded screen that would get dirty.

Not to mention a million applications where you might want to project an image but current projectors are too bulky. I could see one of these installed in a sewing machine projecting a pattern onto the fabric as you sew.

Basically anywhere you might want a screen temporarily or without the hassle of embedding one or keeping it clean. Personally, anyone who fixates on these in mobile devices isn't using their imagination.