The Dipr Cookie Spoon Might Forever Change the Way You Dunk

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Is there anything worse than not being able to fit your giant fist into a tall glass of milk, yearning for one last Oreo dunk? No. There is literally nothing worse. But the Dipr cookie peripheral will make dips easy.


A fellow named Bobby is behind the idea—which is still waiting for Kickstarter funds—and explains the genesis of the Dipr thusly:

I came up with the idea for the dipr one evening while I was dunking my Oreo cookies in milk and I dropped the cookie into the milk. I turned to my wife Julie and say "That's it.. I'm fed up. I can't take this anymore!" and I set out to build a special utensil that prevents the cookie from being dropped.

My God! Nightmarish! But a dropped cookie does ruin a good snacking session.

And having to reach in there to retrieve it? Gross. So whether you need to stretch down to the bottom of a tall glass, or just ensure a stable dunk, the Dipr should help—from the demo video, it looks like it grabs a pretty tight hold onto your cream sandwich cookie. If you know what I mean. [Dipr via That's Nerdalicious!]


You should see Apple's prototype... the iDunk™

[found in a bakery in Redwood City...]