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This week at TreeHugger: We look back at 17 electric cars that were featured in our archives during the past 3 years, including speed demons like the Eliica (top speed 250 mph) and Wrightspeed X1 (0 to 60 in 3 sec). The not very useful, but oh-so-fun Circular Bike, aka Vicious Cycle made from salvaged parts. And from the wonders of science, we look at whether carbon nanotubes could make artificial photosynthesis possible.


It's hard to summarize the list here, but here are some names that you might or might not recognize from the 17 electric cars that you must see: Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model S, BYD E6, Miles XS500, Mitsubishi i MiEV, Subaru R1e, Subaru G4e, Electric Mini by BMW, EV1 by General Motors, upcoming electric cars by Mercedes and Nissan, REVA, ZENN, Tango, Eliica, and more.

Yeah, the circular bike is kind of pointless, but sometimes you just gotta have fun. As one commenter on reddit said:

  • [ ] useful
  • [X] want one

Scientists may be getting closer to unraveling the secrets of photosynthesis, reports New Scientist Tech's Colin Barras. In a new study published in the journal ChemPhysChem, a team of Chinese scientists from the Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology has found that carbon nanotubes, which have been used in many nanotechnology applications including solar energy and adhesive material, can mimic a key step of the process.

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