Minority Report, Courtesy of Kinect

Hackers have wasted no time bending Kinect to their will, and this proof of concept video for a Minority Report-esque multitouch UI is probably the most exciting mod yet. Stretch to zoom, here we come!


As modder floemuc explains, "I thought I'd get the mandatory picture-browsing stuff done so it's out of the way and everybody can focus on more interesting things." Cheers to that. [Dvice]


Am I the only one who can't imagine, that this actually the future? Just because some old movie used this technique to seem futuristique doesn't make it convinient. Even if it worked better, I can not imagine myself using my hands to pan around images. I hardly use the zooming with two fingers on my cell.

I like progress very much, but I rather strive for real progress and not for some, used in a ten year old scifi movie.