Nintendo: We Ain't Afraid of no iPhone

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When Nintendo isn't busy heating their offices with a money furnaces just to wipe the sweat off their brow with money, sometimes Nintendo president Satoru Iwata takes a moment to step down from his sweaty throne to lay the smackdown (generally through a stinky sock filled with golden pirate coins) on competing consumer electronics. This time, he responded to those thinking that the iPhone might be the new DS:

I use the iPhone myself. I know that it's an attractive product, but when I look carefully at the iPhone's users vs. the users of our Nintendo DS, I understand there are some overlaps. And if you ask 'Is the overlap too big?,' my answer is no, not so much.


Iwata's argument may be true, but the real reason that Apple can't touch the DS market is that Nintendo has sold like a bajillion of the things already. Oh yeah, and the iPhone still has some control issues... [Forbes via DSFanboy]


@92BuickLeSabre: My answer is, "What could possibly be more dismissive than restating the question?"