Blockbuster Beta-Testing Movielink Downloads

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Blockbuster may be planning in-store download kiosks, but their recent beta-testing of Movielink downloads seems like they're aiming for at-home downloads as well. They've picked 500 Total Access customers to test out the $2 rental, $8 purchase system from Movielink, which will allow customers to rent when flicks hit video-on-demand, and buy when they hit DVD. It's fairly interesting that Blockbuster will charge extra for movies when Netflix is going with a free, albeit limited, streaming service. We'd like Blockbuster to follow suit. [Dallas News]



Honestly I have no idea why people are bashing on Blockbuster so much.

1st. Netflix is fine - I've used it for about 2 years concurrently with BB and service of delivery and movies in queues seem to be about the same.

2nd. The big whoop of free streaming with Netflix is mediocre at best - poor selection, crappy quality - for tv shows and film this is a bad combination.

3rd. Blockbuster has the return in store which I think is priceless for me - guests come in and want something to watch, no problem I get out, walk the 800 yards to my local BB and exchange it for a cool party flick. My gf is in the mood for some soapy, tear jerker with ben aflek or something and all I have is sci-fi - no problem, the situation is fixed in 10 minutes when I get the car. Priceless for me!

4th. The in-store coupon for a free movie ( yeah yeah not really anything, OR GAME once a month. This is plenty for me to have 1 PS3 game 1 week in a month for free so that my gaming capabilities of the PS3 don't go to complete waste.

So why are people hating on BB again ?