Confirmed: All 6 Star Wars Movies to be Released in 3D

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Rumors have been floating around about it for quite some time, but it appears that all systems are go for the entire Star Wars franchise to be re-released in the 3D format. DreamWorks Animations CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg confirmed the details in a recent interview with saying "Lucas is excited about it" and "He isn't going to put a product out, I think, that isn't anything other than first rate."


Apparently, the cost of converting a traditional 2-D movie into 3D is between $50,000 and $100,000 per minute. I'm sure that Lucasfilm will make their money back and then some, but is it really worth it? Does anyone care to see this or is it just another case of Lucas screwing around too much with the franchise? [Comingsoon via io9 via Wired]

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Episodes one through three were so bad (yes, I included three - what do you want to make of it?) that anything he wants to do to try to "improve" them is fine by me. They couldn't get any worse.