Microsoft's 'Mojave' Bait-And-Switch Vista Experiment Video

Remember Microsoft's Mojave experiment? Where they took XP users who didn't know a lot about Vista, stuck them in a room, showed them a mysterious OS that they loved, then revealed that it was Vista. Here's the video they took of the experiment.


What's interesting about this experiment is that sure, people who don't know anything/enough about Vista are kneejerking their way into hating it. These people are the ones that are easily convinced with a slight-of-hand that Vista is good. But what they didn't show was the day-to-day usage of Vista, like accidentally installing an XP printer driver and not being able to print. Sure, we like Vista just fine, but this demographic that Microsoft has in its video would be just the kind to not really be tech savvy enough to fix the aforementioned printer problem.

What can we conclude from the Mojave experiment? Pretty much exactly what we thought of Vista: that it's not that bad. Definitely not as bad as these people previously thought.

However, this is a video of people clueless about what Vista looks like in the first place. No Gizmodo readers would fall for such a ruse. Here's a video there of a guy recognizing Mojave as Vista:

Kudos to Windows Marketing for including cases like this, because there's no way that the public perceptions of Vista being not all that great/bad are solely based on prejudice. But maybe, just maybe, a lot of it is. [Mojave Experiment]



"This glossy OS is great. I went to Pornhub for a few minutes, then hit some of the BBW sites, and not once did..oh wait there's a prompt...ok cancel......Yeah so it's fantastic 'cuz it didn't install anything I didn't.....oh wait another prompt.....Fucking awesome"