Congress Takes First Steps in Banning In-Flight Calling Permanently

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Like a gaggle of schoolgirls, Congress traded stories about how they too were annoyed by people using their phones before and after takeoff on flights. Well, I never! One House member relayed the story of how his delicate sensibilities were stomped all over by some woman who talked about her sex life on the phone, shortly to be one-upped by another congressman saying that his wife overheard someone receiving a "Dear John" call before takeoff. Good sir! After the jab-fest portion of this sleepover was concluded, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved, via voice vote, a bill that would make the current FCC ban on in-flight calling permanent. And then one of their dads took them out for ice cream. Best night ever. [Yahoo]

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Yay! Let's start banning everything that annoys us! Okay, let's see...


Girls with high-pitched voices who laugh at things that aren't funny and use words like "conversate"

Crying babies

People who talk outside your window loudly

Black olives (I hate it when they show up in my food unexpected)

That's the beginning of my personal list. Who do I submit it to in congress to get the law passed?

That's really the only basis for this. Cell phones produce no danger to the planes (the current laws are FCC, not FAA, due to the havoc the cause to the cell towers, not because they produce ANY risk to the plane's equipment), and the other issues are easily overcome, so all that's left is "it's annoying." So's that baby in the row behind me, and the old lady two rows up who keeps saying "WHAT?!" every time the flight attendant asks her if she needs anything. Ooh, I need to add those to my list...