Sharp Releasing Solid, Budget 1080p LCDs with SB Series

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Depending on your definition of "cheap," Sharp may or may not be releasing inexpensive SB Series LCDs, but their prices aren't so bad relative to the market. Their new line of 52, 46 and 42-inch 1080p televisions will feature a decent 6ms response time and run $2,300, $1,700 and $1,400, respectively. But since these figures are retail prices, don't be surprised to see the displays around for plenty less. All televisions are available now save for the 42-inch, which will be around next month. Here are the full details:

SHARPĂ’ INTRODUCES ENTRY-LEVEL LINES OF FULL HD 1080P WIDESCREEN LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY TELEVISIONS New Models Provide Stunning High-definition Viewing & Stylish Slim-Line Designs at Competitive Prices MAHWAH, N.J., August 5, 2008 - Sharp, a worldwide leader in flat-panel Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Televisions, is expanding its large-screen SB series of LCD HDTVs, making the sought-after high-definition (HD) experience available to more consumers. The SB series (LC-52SB55U, LC-46SB54U and LC-42SB45U) provides consumers with affordably-priced Full HD, big-screen options, available in 52- 46-, and 42-inch screen size class units (diagonal 52 1/32", 45 63/64 and 42 1/64" respectively), some of the most popular screen sizes today. All three feature Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080 resolution), and are cased in a glossy piano-black bezel. "As the demand for high-definition home entertainment continues to rise, we are creating a wide range of reasonably-priced HDTVs that incorporate Sharp's esteemed picture quality and renowned features," said Bruce Tripido, associate vice president, marketing, Entertainment Products Division, Sharp. "The large-screen SB series of LCD TVs opens up the high-definition viewing experience to a wider audience, providing an affordable, yet high-quality option for consumers." Helping more consumers create a true high-definition home theater, the large-screen 1080p SB models feature Sharp's Spectral Contrast Engine for deep blacks and crisp images. All three models also feature an impressive pixel response time of 6ms (6.5ms on the LC-42SB45U), providing excellent picture quality on fast-moving action scenes, and wide viewing angles so the TV can be viewed from virtually any seat in the room. Additionally, these sets come fully equipped with built-in ATSC/QAM/NTSC tuners and an array of inputs, including four HDMITM on the LC-52SB55U, two on the LC-46SB54U and three on the LC-42SB45U, as well as two HD component terminals on each. All models feature a dedicated PC input so the TV can also act as a PC monitor. An OPC Power Save function automatically adjusts luminance to room brightness and lighting conditions.



@nflsonic: Is that the banding issue people always talk about? If it is, Sharp might help replace the set.

I have an Aquos and I LOVE it. I couldn't decide between that or a Toshiba when I bought it, stood at a BB for half an hour (they were mounted one above the other) finally decided to go with the Aquos as it was the one I wanted.

I have been completely satisfied with this purchase and recommend the set to everyone.

If the price is right on the small on of these in the coming months, I might get a set for my bedroom.