Details Emerge On Nikon's Mysterious D90 DSLR

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The popular Nikon D80 is getting a replacement called—wait for it—the D90, and it looks like it's living up to the line's rep. The camera takes the D80's feature set and adds a few more very high-end tools, like live preview on the larger LCD screen,GPS input, HDMI out, video recording with audio, and an upgrade to the CCD sensor from 10-Megapixels to 12. It'll ship in a kit with an 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G zoom lens and should hit the streets at under $1000 if it keeps with the D80's pricing, as is expected. [Nikon Rumors]

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Video recording my ASS! Not on a low end model DSLR. Video recording will be introduced on the next gen of SLR's which will cost an arm and a leg... like when they first came out.