Rogue Escalator Takes Out 20 People At a Tokyo Convention Center

Beware the next time your ride an escalator at the mall folks. It appears that they are beginning to stage an organized revolt against their passengers. First an escalator chewed up this poor bastard, then one dished out some payback after some tool disrespected it with a joyride. But that was just a warm up because the escalators appear to be getting bolder. Most recently, a rogue escalator took out 20 passengers in a Tokyo convention center when it inexplicably started going in reverse.


The most serious of the 20 or so injuries reported seems to be a broken leg, but it is clear to me that this escalator was staging a revolt because it was being overloaded by the crush of people. My advice is...stay alert. It is only a matter of time before they start snagging shoelaces with the intent to kill—and once they have a taste for blood there is no turning back. [USA Today]

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It Begins. 'insert Terminator Theme'

That would b new and interesting marketing for T4 - having all machines start wreaking havoc.

That is a huge ass escalator. U'd think that since a lot of ppl go there and use the escalator, the speed would b higher so that it's less crowded. Also, the weight limit wouldn't b exceeded.

I like how ppl were jumping off the side.

I think it'd b interesting to c the down escalator going in reverse. ppl would pile up at the top, then when there's no room left, ppl start falling down the now-up escalator