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Rumor: HTC Dream Spotted In Real Life Leaked Video

This clip doesn't look like any old clip. No no, my friends, it looks to be a leaked clip. Ooohhh. And many believe this leaked clip to be the upcoming HTC Dream running the Android OS. You'll notice the Dream's been tweaked a bit from the last time we saw it, still retaining a QWERTY keyboard, but now packing a (slightly buggy) touchscreen with (very responsive) landscape to portrait rotational sensitivity. For some, it'll be the stuff that "dreams" are made of. But for those with dreams like ours, it's lacking the first grade teacher dressed up like the Statue of Liberty while speaking Japanese vibe. [BGR]


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And really, no smart phone is any good unless it at least matches the web rendering of the iPhone. Right now, no phone does. You can download Opera Mobile, but I think it is still in beta for the time. Show us video of the internet before I'm impressed.