FCC Confirms PSP Redesign Number 3001 With Few Visible Improvements

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Click to viewThe FCC has come through again, giving up testing info on Sony's upcoming PSP-3001 redesign. It's still the same generation PSP and still has most of the same parts (802.11b Wi-Fi) and still plays the same games, so we're guessing most of the changes will be internal and focused on lowering costs and making the thing harder to hack. Why do we think that? Because that's exactly what Jack Tretton of SCEA said in the roundtable at E3, that Sony's working on securing the platform from piracy. We'll just have to wait and see whether it's worth upgrading to this version if you've already got a PSP. [FCC]

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It should be capable of playing all PSP, Play Station's 1/ PS2/ PS3 games, and be a wireless controller for PS3 but with the 7 inch screen in the of the controllers buttons; yet adding two extra buttons like Xbox's 360 zune computer phone design! Plus, adding a much larger hard drive with a ssd hdd; so that it is just much better than their Vaio ux 490 UMPC but with a Cyber Shot 10.1 megapixel lens, and with the Carl Zeis Handy camcorder concept with the Cyber shot lens and enlarge the optical zoom. So, I know this can be done. Plus, they need a bluetooth wireless wrap around the neck head set that is weather proof, and add the Iphone's water proof arm band for this PSP system. And make it T-1/ DSL/ WIFI etc...