Rock Band 2 Bundle Delayed for Xbox 360

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Rock Band 2 is still launching for the Xbox 360 on September 14, but it won't be packaged with any of that nifty hardware. Instead, gamers will have to wait until October 19th (the same time RB2 is coming to all of the other systems) to pick up the $189 bundle packed with all of the new instruments. We're guessing that hardware shortages are, once again, plaguing the game, or Microsoft just didn't read the fine print on their one month exclusive. [Shacknews via Kotaku]


Ok, well, this actually helps me decide something i'd been torn about: i'm buying the guitar hero world tour bundle, not rock band's, despite my greater loyalty to rock band.

Congrats for losing my greater business!

The only reason I need/want the entire set is for the "new" drums that will be shipping. From what I understand, GHWT will have a 5 piece kit, while RB2 would have the same 4 pieces, but be velocity sensitive and expandable.

Yeah. screw it, i'll buy the game, but not the bundle or kit for RB2. I'll just get the bundle w/ GHWT. 5 piece kit, and i like their guitars better anyway.