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William Shatner, Other B-Listers Start Signing Autographs In Personalized Video Form

At a time when the $2 billion per year autograph business runs rampant with counterfeits, it's tough to ensure your memorabilia is authentic. Thanks to, a website that shills personalized video "autographs" from B-listers like Carmen Electra, Stone Cold Steve Austin and the cast of Lost, that problem may soon be obsolete. Trekkie and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington recently praised the service after paying $150 for a message from William Shatner, which took three months to arrive. Joke's on you Mike—I got a video from Shatner in an hour, and it only cost me iMovie and elbow grease. But for the last time Bill, my name isn't "Jackass". [LiveAutographs via TechCrunch, Reuters]


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BAH! He's gone from the list of video signatures.