Preview of Facebook for iPhone 2.0: More Like Real Facebook

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Facebook has posted a huge preview of the next version of its iPhone app. Due in September, Facebook for iPhone 2.0 will look and feel a lot more like the real Facebook. The News Feed will be exactly the same and profiles will use tabs and the combined Wall/Mini-Feed from the site's latest redesign. Perhaps more importantly, the functionality will be much closer. You'll be able to search for people outside of your friends, make/approve/ignore friend requests, and search your inbox and sent folder, for starters. Notifications will also arrive in real time while the app is running. The version of iPhone for Facebook after this will deliver them to you even if the app isn't running using Apple's push notification service. Overall, it's pretty excellent, check it out. [Facebook]


Michael Scrip

@tex1ntux: > "The most recent numbers I could find (Q1 2008) list 4.5 million Windows Mobile phones sold and 1.7 million iPhones sold. iPhones are the minority."

But, the iPhone has been around for only a year. How long have Windows Mobile phone been out? Apple is catching up fast.

How many people buy iPhones? Sheep or not, people are literally lining up for the iPhone. They aren't going nuts for a new WinMo phone.