Acer Drops Price of Aspire One to Impulse Buy Territory

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Acer's Aspire One was already one of the most affordable 8.9" mini-notebooks on the market, but now they've gone and dropped the price further while adding a 6-cell battery version to the mix. The Windows XP version (120GB hard drive and 1GB RAM has been reduced $50 from $400 to $350. Their Linux system (8GB SSD and 512MB RAM) dropped $50 as well from $380 to $330. Oh, and those of you wanting the 6-cell system can pick it up for the old price of the 3-cell, $400. So is Acer worried about the competition from a potentially $300 Dell system? We don't know, but we sure do like seeing prices going down for once. And for the time being, the Aspire One is probably the best deal in the mini-notebook market. [Laptop]


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With the pace these things are coming out with different prices and lots of releases, it makes me want to just sit back for a year or two and wait until something truly catches my attention, rather than just pulls at my random-gadget-impulse-buy reflexes.