First Nikon D90 DSLR Videos Show Off Stunning Effects, Low-Light Powers

While some have been skeptical of the D90's video recording as a useless gimmick, Nikon has posted a bunch of videos showing off some of the amazing things you can do with the camera. The above clip ticks off some of what you can do with a variety of lenses, toying with fisheyes or super-zooms, but the two below really show what the camera can do, like create stunning effects with a shallow depth-of-the-field, and the detail it captures in low light using a pumped ISO.

Yeah, the sound sucks, but we're still sorta kinda sold on this as a solid bonus feature that has a lot of play in it—we can't wait to check it ourselves to see if it's as good as Nikon's making it look. [Nikon]

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who the hell wants to carry a DSLR like a video camera though?

Am I crazy here? The body simply does not work for any series kind of video shooting im sorry. I mean its great that it does decent video and all....but its more of a bonus than a feature if you ask me