Rumor: iTunes 8 Brings 'Genius', A Smart Music Grouping and Recommendation Engine

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It appears that some of Kevin Rose's predictions about iTunes 8 have been corroborated by other tipsters to MacRumors, which says that there's going to be a "Genius" feature that generates playlists containing songs that have similar qualities to other songs. MacRumors calls this unconfirmed because they didn't receive the tip from one of their trusted sources, apparently. Other Kevin Rose predictions such as a "trippy" visualization with "planet like objects" and downloadable TV shows in HD haven't been confirmed, nor have previous rumors of an iTunes subscription service. But that differently-shaped iPod nano seems to be a lock. [MacRumors]


I want different columns of check boxes to set what gets synced to what, or some easy way to set that without having to go through my thousands of songs and putting them into separate playlist sets for each device. When I had my nano, my iPhone, and my shuffle, I used the nano mostly for when I was driving, my iPhone for when I was at the office, and the shuffle for the gym. I want a different set of music on my nano for when I'm driving and might want something harder and faster, but while at the office, I want a more laid back, white-noise, softer collection going at the office, and my shuffle, well have yet a different set. Maybe also another row to specify which ones to play when shuffling the music on the client. Its really not too uncommon now-a-days for people to have more than one device to sync to iTunes, and I think a lot of people would like that functionality.