Notes: Promotions, Evolutions and Unlikely Alliances

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Over two years at Gizmodo as editor, we've racked up a great deal of fast, smart work I'm proud of being a part of. But we're going to be making some changes shortly.See, when you're dialed into news watching, you just can't leave your computer without having double digit brain cycles running on and on, nagging you, "something's going to break something's going to break some news is going to break and you won't be there to write it no one's going to write it and we're going to be late late late late!" These thoughts are often accompanied by a generous amount of eye twitching, which make it impossible to work on anything too far out in scope. So I'm moving on to a role as editorial director. The title editorial director of Gizmodo sounds vague but it just means something simple: I'm going to work full time on things that I think are important to the long term evolution of this blog; that means more deep features, more service pieces to help newbies, more things like Jesús's amazing lego trip and less trade show humping. More reader meetups where we can fondle gadgets together and just improving things all around in terms of what's expected of a gadget blog today and things that tech publications have never tried. All projects I didn't have the bandwidth to process before. I'll also be helping the other Gawker sites with their field reporting as assistant managing editor of Gawker Media. (All those liveblogs helped a lot and it's only right to share that info with the other editors.) I'm looking forward to the new challenges, but I've got one more thing up my sleeve I'm excited for: I'll also be joining Ryan Block and Peter Rojas's new venture, gdgt, as an advisor. While the competition I've had with the Engadget guys has been well chronicled, I think on a certain level, it makes perfect sense for us to achieve some sort of Voltron status. Of course, Gizmodo hasn't been about a guy and a blog for years. To make all that news handling go smoothly, I'm getting help managing our platoon's worth of writers from someone who has been at Gizmodo longer than anyone, including me. He'll be introducing himself shortly and I thank him in advance for allowing me to not only work on the site in a new way, but for allowing me the new spare time to regain some sanity and shave some pounds off the old keyboard rest I call my gut. Thank you for listening, and good morning.


Regarding GDGT, can't get into details, but it's not competitive with Gizmodo and Engadget. That would be nuts to try from scratch, and I don't want to reinvent the wheel when the wheels we have are from formula race cars.