Mod Connects Xbox 360 QWERTY Pad to PSP, Fanboy Heads Explode

Modder Giancarlo "Jean" Todone has video of the unholy union of an Xbox 360 QWERTY with a PSP Slim. While the mod works just fine, as you can see in the video, we worry about the fanboys. Seeing something like this in action must be kind of like how Brendan Fraser's character felt we he woke up for the first time in Encino Man. It doesn't make sense. It can't make sense. Because then everything you've based you life on—every waking moment—was a lie.Here's some of the tech specs about the mod, courtesy of Acid Mods moderator l0rdnic0:

My PSP’s are running CFW 4.01 M33-2, a special version of piKey and a custom flash on the Chatpad. Text input is a breeze and it works with the Sony OSK (on screen keyboard) and the Danzeff OSK under AFKIM. It does not work with PSPWrite and other ZX-81 applications because they are not compiled to do so but Jean is working on a compatible drive to make them work natively.

Is there any doubt that the PSP is a hacker's dream these days? [AcidMods]

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Crash Override 777

Not really all that impressive get a Wii system to play PS3 games or 360 games play on a PS3 then get back to me...