Confirmed: Nike+ Only Works With 2nd Gen iPod Touch, Not iPhone or 1st Gen iTouch

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Our interview with Apple confirmed something we suspected in our liveblog and our hands on with the device: that the Nike+ integration only works with this version. Owners of the first-gen iPod touch, the iPhone and iPhone 3G are locked out, because of the technology required to connect the device to the receiver in your shoe without using the standard dock connector dongle. Apple also said that even if you shove in the dongle to the unsupported devices, nothing will happen, so we're out of luck until some hackers get to working on enabling this "unofficially." [iPod Touch Hands On Impressions]


Come on!! Now wouldn't be good to not only track what you've done, but use the GPS in the 3g iPhone and then download straight to the Nike+ website - or better yet have the app integrated with the website itself so no syncing would have to be involved. I don't care if it has a dongle involved. To run off in the morning with - ah - one device would be stellar and to not have to sync up and use their slow website would be great.

Come on. The iphone is an all in wonder computer system with bugs and all. Least they can do is use it to it's full potential.

All you would have to do is load up, run, stop, review - all on the Freaking phone. You would have all stats, maps, and friends performance in live view whether they are right next to you or across the pond. That would be refinement. And you still have the phone on you when you blow out a knee and can't make it back home! No damned syncing with bloTunes needed.