iTunes 8 Causing Huge Problems, BSOD for Vista Users

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Looks like iTunes 8 is really not playing so well with Windows. Users of both 32-bit and 64-bit Vista are reporting getting the blue screen of death whenever they plug in an iPod or iPhone. Downgrading back down to 7.7 appears to solve the problem, but not without some weird, but easily fixable, app-erasing hijinks. Matt says that doing a clean install (completely uninstalling your previous version of iTunes before loading up iTunes 8) has resulted in no BSOD issues for him on Vista 64-bit, but that hasn't been tested by the public at large yet. Apple's asking for dump files to figure out where the problem's coming from, but until they post an update, I predict rioting! Mayhem! Pillaging of Apple stores all around the country! Or just a bunch of Windows-based iTunes users grumbling into the night about how all the fancy schmancy graphics in the world can't make up for crappy software testing. [Apple Forums]



Crashed 4 times last night Processor and HD were Idle. needed to restart 3 times then i got a NO OPERATING SYSTEM FOUND . all night long I had to ReInstall Windows Ultimate 32 again. I lost part of my music that I didint back up 1 week before. I had to do a Clean reinstall format hard drive and all. They should test the software more before rushing for delivery.