Stick One-Way FaceTime on Your (Jailbroken) iPhone 3GS with FaceIt-3GS

Your iPhone 3GS doesn't have its dandy younger brother's front-facing camera, but if it's jailbroken, it can still get in on FaceTime action. Sort of. A new app will let you at least watch (and speak to) someone else's face.

FaceIt-3GS, from the iPhoneIslam devs, allows users to stare adoringly at the iPhone 4 owner of their choice. They won't be able to see you back, of course, but being able to catch a live video feed from someone else's cam is still very neat. This will also be a godsend if you are ugly. [iPhoneIslam via Engadget]

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Tony Kaye ⌨

It doesn't allow you to enable any camera functionality whatsoever on the 3GS- no mirrors, no trickery- it plain only allows you to see the stream from an iPhone 4 inside of FaceTime.