HTC Touch HD Gets Fondled in French Video (Oh La La)

Let the drooling continue: The guys at "Generation Phone House" have run through HTC's Touch HD (or the "ash tee say touch essh day" for the non-Francophone among us) in video, and just as we said in our first-hand impressions, it's looking mighty nice here stacked up against an iPhone 3G and a Samsung Omnia. TouchFlo is looking smooth as ever here on that WVGA 480x800 screen. Release date please? [YouTube - Thanks, Franklin!]

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Nice phone but, the Touch Pro is not even out i think and they already have a better one coming out???? at the paste that HTC is going, you could buy any phone from them and in 2 month's it won't cost a dime anymore, and by the way you would be stuck on a contract for 2 long years. HTC Chill the fuck out