New Giz Feature: Threaded Comments

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Welcome to the future, my friends. As of today, Gizmodo (and all the other Gawker sites) now have threaded comments. What's this mean for you? Well, it means that comment threads will no longer be one long list of chronological comments. Instead, when you reply to a specific comment, your comment will go right underneath it. Let's look at it a bit more in depth, shall we? The ladies at Jezebel laid it out pretty nicely, so we'll crib a bit from their explanation:

How are the threads displayed, still in chronological order? Each conversation will be displayed in chronological order. But organization of the conversations overall will be displayed based on popularity. The most popular conversations will migrate to the top. The most recent comment that has no replies will appear on top for 15 minutes before being filtered down. If a more active conversation receives a reply within those 15 minutes, that conversation will overtake the stand-alone comment.
Where did the plus and minus go? The plus and minus, which was used to friend or un-friend a fellow commenter, has been replaced by a heart. Friends show a red heart, and the rest are empty. What's the deal with the star again? Star commenters were readers who have 25 or more followers, or were designated as stars by a comments admin. With the introduction of threading, the number of followers required to attain star is increasing to 40. Is there a way to view comments the "old-fashioned" way? You can switch to the old style comments layout by clicking the "classic view" link in the comments bar at the top of the threads.


So, what do you think? Exciting, no? And yes, I know change is scary. I saw how many people flipped out when Facebook changed its layout. But hey, change is fun. Give it a shot in the comments below, fiddle around with it, and let us know what you think. As long as what you think is positive, because after how much work our illustrious tech crew put into making this possible, we ain't changing it back. Enjoy!


I blame the Hadron Collider. It punched a hole in the fabric of time and its localized in Giz.

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