Contest: Win $1000 in Gadgets From NBC's 'Chuck'

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Thanks to a certain computer geek turned government agent, $1000 worth of gadgets is up for grabs to anyone who can answer the five simple spy questions listed after the break. Since Chuck is gainfully employed as part of the "Nerd Herd" crew at the "Buy More" electronics store, it only seems fitting that the $1000 gift certificate should come from Best Buy (although, I'm not sure how well they are stocked up on spy gadgets at the moment). The winner will be selected randomly from the submissions with the most correct answers. Here are your questions:

1. Who first used the term polygraph? 2. Who invented one of the first covert listening devices, known as "The Thing?" 3. What does a Time-Domain Reflectometer detect? 4. Which of the following is NOT a real spy gadget? a) Spy Dust b) Bug c) Dead Telephone d) Solex Agitator 5. In the James Bond universe, Q was responsible for all of Bond's gadgets. Who was the real life inspiration for Q?


Once you have completed the quiz, send it (all in one email) to with the subject "Chuck's Gadget Contest." This contest is going to be lightning fast too folks—so get on it quickly. Sunday, the 28th of September is the last day to enter. Sponsored by Chuck: Season premiere Monday at 8/7c on NBC.


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