Pink Ribbon DS Lite Is an Insult to Cancer Funding

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To those who'd like to support a real world cause while defending the princess from Bowser's latest kidnapping, this limited edition Pink Ribbon DS Lite raises money for the cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure. For every unit sold, Nintendo passes $5 to the organization. $5!!! Whoa. That's big money!I know, how can I talk bad about someone giving money to cancer research? So ungrateful! So taboo! The sad fact is, as big of a failure as RED products may be (some projections show more money spent on advertising than goes to cancer research), most RED-participating companies are giving a lot more money per product to charity than Nintendo is here. Gap has passed on 50% of their profits on RED items and Apple has given 10% of the total price (probably their entire profit) on iTunes gift cards. And they're just the tip of the iceberg. Meanwhile, the company that is making $1.6 million per employee is slapping a ribbon on a device, tossing spare change in the face a cause and probably netting more money because of it. $5 doesn't even come close to Nintendo's profits per DS. This isn't a donation. This is exploitation. Nintendo, you can do better. [Amazon via Kotaku]



The target demographic on the whole Pink Ribbon thing are women 25 to 55 and I just dont know how many of them will buy this. No guy gamer is going to have anything pink on his games, and the women who want a DS, already have one. I still say (as I have about all the pink ribbon products) to advertise ON THE PACKAGING that $X are going to Komen and leave the actual product alone, otherwise the vast majority of these units are going to end up as close outs at Big Lots. Good to donate $ to cancer research but bad business to mark the product and make it unwanted and unsalable.