Netflix to Open API and Databases to the Public

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Netflix will introduce their API to the public tomorrow at the Experience AJAX conference, and according to ReadWriteWeb, it will allow free access to movie data and stats stored on their servers. This doesn't mean that anyone will be able to write a streaming video app for any random piece of open hardware. However, it does mean that people will be able to to integrate movie info (ratings, related films, etc.) into widgets, like the ones you'd see on TypePad or Facebook. Or more importantly, create apps that allow for queue management (yes, this API is read and write capable). So potentially, non-PC gadgets that are running the Netflix streaming service could have the ability to directly add and reorder movies to the queue—saving the trouble of having to pull out your computer when you think of something you want to add on the fly. Data will be accessible via REST and Javascript APIs (no JSON, though), plus ATOM feeds. The API will also be usable for commercial purposes, so if you have a Netflix killer app for the iPhone planned that you think could make you some money, you'd better get to work. Netflix's API will be available starting tomorrow at the Netflix developer site, which you will be able to sign up for by clicking here tomorrow, and not a moment earlier. [Netflix Developer via ReadWriteWeb]



cool, but how about they just get their S*** together and make netflix streaming mac compatible?