Real-Life Spiderman Video Gallery

The Montparnasse Tower in Paris. [Oobject]

Stopping for a drink on the Petronas Twin Towers. [Oobject]

The Torre Agbar of Barcelona, Spain. [Oobject]

The Four Seasons, Hong Kong. [Oobject]

150-meter National Telecommunications building tower in Abu Dhabi, which Alain scaled in 20 minutes. [Oobject]

At the Sydney Harbor Bridge. [Oobject]

Chicago's Sears Tower. [Oobject]

The Italy Building, Sao Paulo. [Oobject]

Citi Tower in Jakarta. [Oobject]

Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai. [Oobject]

! Skyper Scyscraper of Frankfurt, Germany. [Oobject]



out of curiosity, what kind of charges do they arrest him on?

anyone know?