New Sirius/XM Plans Include a la Carte Options

We've already heard about the $4 Best of Sirius and Best of XM expansion plans, but how else is the satellite radio merger changing subscription options? XM customers will now be able to subscribe to limited plans known as Mostly Music and Mostly Talk. Each offers a selection of channels for $10. Also, on new Sirius hardware, a $7/mo plan can get you 50 non-premium a la carte channels with additional channels purchasable for 50 cents a month. As you can see, this merger has done nothing to simplify subscription plans in satellite radio. [Sirius A La Carte via Zatz Not Funny]


Stacky Botrus

Seems simple to me. You pay one price now, and get everything. Now, you get a choice. Stop acting like a baby. THINK for once.