Desktop Debates: VP Square-Off Streamed Live

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Once again, would-be people-who-matter are going to be talking at each another tonight. Update: Here's the link to CBS, and here's another one for CNN's live feed. A commenter says that MSNBC has it, to which I respond, "Get a new web designer, MSNBC!" Just how important is this debate? Well, it's not really up to us to say for sure, but since John McCain's chances of winning seem to depend largely on how darling Americans consider his running mate, I'd say they're pretty damn crucial. So get going, but by all means come back to express opinions and alienate fellow Giz readers in the comments below. Well, if you're really angry, you should probably take it to Gawker.


Shamoononon drives like a farmer

I must admit I fell for the Media chatter in reguards to Palin. She actually did quite well for somebody so young and unexperienced. I'm not so sure yet if I can trust her to be President should the need arise, but I definitely see promise in her.

I honestly really like McCain but given the current economic trouble I was almost willing to believe voting for Obama, somebody completely out of the ordinary, would somehow help but he has yet to convince me he can be anything other than a novelty president and has only slightly more experience than Palin. When he chose Biden I immediately flipped back to McCain but was freaked out when he turned around and chose Palin.

What I am seeing now is a unexperienced potential president and an unexperienced potential vice president. Biden is experienced but, for the most part, is a nobody that I don't agree with. I would not want either vice presidential candidates to be president.

I do have one question, why does McCain = Bush? Do people actually believe party affiliation with solve the countries problems? Why the heck is Bush being blamed on the economic problems anyhow? It's the damn stock market and the housing issue has been going on way before he was president. I just don't understand where people are coming from and I hate how people immidiatly put the blame on the president and/or party. Democrats rule the house BTW.

SOmebody, give me a good reason to vote.