Let's Help This Cute Kid Find His Stolen Backpack

Shortly after the year's Halloween festivities had ended, this adorable little guy discovered that some dude had absconded with his superhero backpack. Adding insult to injury, it contained his hard-earned Halloween candy and his PSP. Listen to him tell it...

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These are the facts: sometime during the day or days after Halloween, in California's Bay Area, a child's backpack featuring Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine and Spider-man was stolen out of his father's car. It contained a PlayStation Portable gaming device and assorted Halloween candy.


If you have any information on the whereabouts of the backpack—or if you're the guilt-ridden geek bully him or herself—please email me at kyle@gizmodo.com, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, and we will facilitate its return. Because this kid is so, so cute. [YouTube]

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Nothing to See Here!

Now it's on the net, 4chan will help out! Hopefully.

As a prize for finding his backpack...I wanna keep the backpack.