BlackBerry Storm Can Cut and Paste, Multitouchily

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If browsing through the leaked PowerPoint and User Guide showing how to sync your contacts or, you know, send an email didn't get your heart pumping, BGR has found a punchier little feature that might. RIM's documentation indicates that multitouch (!!) cut and paste functionality will be built into the Storm's software, something that Apple has been stubbornly disinterested in. Hopefully BlackBerry is saving more multitouch announcements for later. [BGR]


Not sure why, but every phone that's trying to compete with the iPhone is going to fail and suck eggs... the reason? Because they are trying to compare to the iPhone.

How about you don't compare to the iPhone? How about you be original? I mean the G1 (HTC Dream) showed a little bit originality, why can't everyone follow the approach that Google took, and not try to compete with anyone directly?

Here's what every phone-making company could start by doing, make a phone with a touch screen (multi-touch), a good 3G network browser, media capabilities your video and your music basics, some sort of location to download apps made by some big company and made by other users, make the phone slim, make it shiny, make it with a decent camera, make it quick, make it cheap, make it have a QWERTY slideout keyboard that doesn't affect the size of the phone, make it come in many colors, make it have internal memory as well as external (lets say ~32GB max?), let it have a 10 hour battery, did I mention make it cheap? also make it available on every major carrier (at&t Sprint Verizon MetroPCS T-Mobile and other).

Now is that too much to ask? I mean, yes, you'll make no profit the first couple of years, but when your second version that's improved comes out, your phone will be in everyone's pocket.

Now, why can't you just go ahead and do that?

I'd buy your phone, and I'm sure that everyone else will too.

Be original.