Discovery Channel's Time Warp: Slo-Mo Videos of Crazy Sh*t Go Primetime

Overheard in a recent Discovery Channel producer's meeting: "Hey—here's a crazy idea: you know how videos of things happening in slow motion tend to blow up the internet? Let's make that into a whole show. And in HD to boot. Face punches, raw chicken exploding, champagne blowing its top (the more latent sexuality the better!)—that kind of thing. We'll start it off next week, and yeah, we'll put some pretty great interactive slo-mo videos on our website that can be controlled frame-by-frame. I don't know about you guys but I'm sold!" [Discovery Channel]

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I went away for a while, came back and watched the video again. All kidding aside, this guy scares the very decency from me. I want to hide under the covers in my Superman Underoos and pretend that I never saw it.

Some cultures believed that having your picture taken took your soul from you. After watching this many a time, I believe that looking at a picture of DellaGrotte steals your soul.