Onkyo MHP-UW2 Wireless Headphones For iPod Users

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Onkyo is poised to pack yet another wireless gadget on the 2.4 GHz band with their new MHP-UW2 headphones. However, the uncompressed connection should result in some decent CD-quality audio. (But what is the deal with that receiver? It almost doubles the footprint of the iPod Touch). At any rate, the MHP-UW2s are compatible with the iPod classic, Touch, Nano and Mini and it includes inputs for other audio devices. It set to be released in Japan on November 14th for around $200, but there is no word on whether or not it will haul that fat receiver across the pond to the States anytime soon. [Impress via Crunchgear]


In general, I really do not understand why people want to have a wireless audio connection to their portable device. If you go the wireless route, you now have to worry about keeping another device charged, and the headphones always seem way to bulky. It seems like a lot of hassle just to remove one tiny wire.