Asus Recalls Worm-Infested Eee PCs From Japan

Illustration for article titled Asus Recalls Worm-Infested Eee PCs From Japan

Asus has not so surprisingly decided to recall the Eee Box B202 mini PCs infested with the W32/Usbalex worm in Japan. The virus-y boxes are confined to the land of Gojira, since it was only on Eee PCs tailored for the Japanese market. The numbers in play are pretty sad, actually: Asus built a wimpy 4,500 boxes for Japan and only sold 300, so the damage is limited to a few unlucky saps, who will never buy Asus again. [Inquirer]

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first addons included pirating software:


then they included a little virus:


now a particularly nasty worm?

i don't like the prize in my happy meal mom!