Android Keyboard Interface 8pen Makes Swype Look Like a Breeze

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I love seeing companies reinvent the wheel, but I'm not quite sure 8pen is the answer to any smartphone text input woes we might have. After all, we already know Swype is a worthy alternative, so do we need 8pen?


I'm really not sure. After watching their demo video (below), I'm still a little confused by it—and I'm not sure it's the best use of space, either.

Nonetheless, 8pen will become available later today on the Android Market for phones running 2.2 (no word on if it'll be free or demand a small fee), so you can try it out for yourself then and see if your fat little fingers work better when using figure-8 gestures instead of pecking away with your index finger. [8pen via AndroidCommunity via Recombu]



It is a really "out of the box" solution. I imagine the learning curve is pretty steep, but once you gain skill it should be faster than any of the other alternatives.

One cool thing it does is to allow gestures for common phrases (I'm going to be late, where are you, etc.) I wish some of the current keyboards would support that.

I don't see myself using it, but I am glad someone is really pushing the boundaries.